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Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

Complimentary wheelchair accessible Renault Kangoo.

When booking your holiday at Luz do Sol you will have the use of an adapted courtesy wheelchair accessible vehicle as a gesture of goodwill during your stay.

Luz do sol has 2 wheelchair adapted Renault Kangoos which have Portuguese registration.  We do not have a license to hire cars but we are allowed to offer these wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) for complimentary use during your holiday.  One WAV is 4 seats plus wheelchair and the other has 3 seats plus wheelchair.  This second wheelchair accessible vehicle is there as a back up, so only one WAV per booking.   However when the group has more than 1 wheelchair user exceptions are made.

The cars in Portugal (including wheelchair accessible vehicles) are insured rather than the driver.

Please bear in mind that our WAVs are right hand drive (like the UK) and automatic. In Portugal cars are normally left-hand drive, so it’s useful to have a driver with experience driving their UK cars abroad.

If you have a disability parking badge make sure to bring it so you can put it on our wheelchair accessible vehicle.

On your arrival and departure at Faro airport we will arrange an airport transfer to the villa in a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This service is also complimentary which will take the stress out of the last part of your journey only a short drive of 15 minutes to Luz do Sol.

The airport transfer service WAVs are equipped with specially customized vehicles to accommodate passengers with total or partial limitations, with ramps and clamp and friendly staff.

Once you arrive at Luz do Sol, you will have the use of one of the Renault Kangoo wheelchair accessible vehicles for the duration of your stay.

On the day of your departure you will be collected from the villa in a WAV and transported to Faro airport.

The parking area is large for up to 5 cars. The pathway leading to the front door is paved so the ramp on the back of the WAV goes straight onto the pavement.

Please make sure you read and understand the below terms and conditions of the complimentary wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Terms and conditions regarding the use of the complimentary vehicle.

Luz do sol has a wheelchair adapted Renault Kangoo for complimentary use during your holiday for the SOLE purpose of taking your wheelchair user out and about and is NOT intended to replace a hire car, for able bodied persons to use for general use or without the disabled member on board.

1. The use of the complimentary car is a gesture of goodwill we are lending the vehicle to you during your stay this is not a hired vehicle.

2. The vehicle is only available to people staying with us at Luz do Sol.

3. The vehicle is fully comprehensive insured for any driver minimum age 25 maximum 70 and 5 years full driving licence, with no accident claim within the past 5 years, and no points. In the case of an accident the driver is responsible for the excess insurance of €700.

4. In order for you to borrow the car we will require a copy of the allocated driver drivers licence and passport. A deposit of €700 which is returned within the week of your departure.

5. On your arrival we will issue you with a letter of authority to use our vehicle during you stay. Only the person with a letter of authority from us will be permitted to drive the vehicle.

6. The vehicle is only for use within the Algarve and not to be taken out of Portugal.

7. The motorway A22 is a toll road.  Tolls are electronically recorded by the number plate of the car, guests are responsible for their charges, and must be reported to the owner if they have used A22.

8. It is important to remember that in the event of an accident that you are borrowing the car from us.

9. Any speeding fines or parking fines are the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle, we have a point system now in Portugal.

10. The car is only for the use of transportation of the wheelchair user and shall not be used outside of this, without the express permission on the owners.

11.  If the cars are being misused, or reckless driving, the owner will remove the use of the cars immediately.

12.  If one of the cars is not available due to service, maintenance, the other will be offered. If neither of the cars are not available for some reason, we do not except any responsibility for this inconvenience.

13.  Any damage caused to the car during the dates that you have use of the car will be deducted from the damage deposit this includes, tyres, interior, exterior.

14.  The car is a complimentary offer for you to enjoy getting out and about with a member in their party with a wheelchair, if for any reason you are not happy with the car, please do let us know and we can help you arrange a hired car.

15.  In the event of an accident the police must be called dialling 112, we should also be contacted on either 00351 919032377. A yellow vest must be worn and a triangle placed 30 metres before the vehicle depending on the situation, these items are supplied with the vehicle. Do not move the vehicle until the police allow you to.

16.  The car loan is not a compulsory item so please do note this can be terminated immediately if the owner requires.

If you would like to make alternative arrangements for adapted car hire please contact us for further info.



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