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Frequently asked questions

If there is anything not mentioned on this page that you need to know please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to make your holiday as stress free as possible so you have a relaxing and wonderful holiday here in the sunny Algarve.

I need mobility equipment to assist me on holiday – can you arrange this?

Yes take a look at our mobility hire page and contact us to discuss your requirements. Kept at the villa is a shower/commode chair, a shower trolley, toilet raiser 10 cm.  Installed by the pool is a pool lift operated by batteries, a mobile battery operated ASK Foldy hoist maximum weight 150k. and a mobile massage table. Also a complimentary accessible car seats 4 plus one wheelchair. Any other equipment needed will be arranged on your behalf and delivered to the villa for your arrival.

Travelling with my medication and medical supplies?

You should have your medication with you at all times, we recommend taking your medication onto the aircraft with you in your hand baggage so if your suitcase does go missing you have all your medication to hand. As there are currently restrictions on taking liquids through security, they may test any liquid medication you are taking onto the aircraft so remember to check in early!

Important: If you are taking a liquid medication you must take a copy of the prescription, use in original packaging and provide a letter/certificate from your doctor or consultant, detailing the medication or medical items being carried and stating they are required for your journey.

It is also possible to put an extra bag in the hold for medical supplies(pads, etc) free of charge if supported by a doctor’s letter.

If you have special liquid food and would like to send this prior to your arrival please let us know and we will store the food in a cool room.

What happens if I am running out of my medication while overseas?

Always take too much medication with you this way it ensures you will have no problems while overseas. We do suggest taking a current prescription for your medication. There are many local very good pharmacies that will help in emergencies with medication.

Can I get extra leg room seats?

Allocation of extra leg room seats varies considerably and is dependent on individual airline policy and the type of aircraft used. Here is a summary of what our most commonly used airlines offer :-

  • Jet2 – Extra leg room seats are not available for disabled people as on emergency exit.
  • Thomas Cook – Extra leg room seats are not available for disabled people as on emergency exit
  • Thomson – Extra leg room seats can be requested at no extra cost but are not guaranteed – limited by availability
  • Monarch – Extra leg room seats can be requested with doctors letter or you can pay in advance (approx. £15 per person per flight)
  • Flybe – Extra Legroom seats can be purchased (price varies)
Can I take my wheelchair overseas?

You can arrange with airlines free transportation of a manual foldable wheelchair. You can sit in your chair up to boarding the gate and then it will be stored in the aircraft’s hold. Alternatively on your disabled holiday you can check your wheelchair in with your bags and use an airport wheelchair to the aircraft. We advise that you check if your insurance covers your wheelchair just in case it is damaged whilst on holiday.

I need help getting to and onto the aircraft – can this be arranged?

Airport assistance can be pre booked and arranged when booking flights.

  • Help with bags and checking in
  • Help with getting through the security area
  • Help with boarding the aircraft
  • Hire of airport wheelchairs and much more

When arriving at Faro airport there is assistance to persons with reduced mobility My way service.

Aeroportos de Portugal has developed a range of services with the aim of simplifying and streamlining airport procedures. One of these services is “MyWay”, a service that complements the wide range of facilities available at ANA airports which specifically aims to offer assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. You can arrange this by going to www.ana.pt and search for “myway”.
Can I arrange to send pads or any supplies I will need on holiday which take up too much room in my suitcase?

Yes, let us know a few weeks prior to your arrival at Luz do Sol and you can send them by post to us to be in the villa on your arrival. Tena pads are available here in Portugal, and most of the time there are some kept at the villa for emergencies.

What happens if there is an emergency when I am on holiday and I need to see a doctor?

If you are ill whilst in the Algarve there is a very good private hospital near the villa in the town of Loulé which is 4 kms from Luz do Sol, at reasonable prices. The owner is on hand in such emergencies and can assist you to the hospital if needed. Most of the staff at the hospital are fluent in English and the prices are very reasonable. There is also a local English-speaking GP who can be called out.

If I require a carer or nurse can this be arranged?

Yes on booking your stay at Luz do So, if you need a carer or nurse let us know and we can arrange this for you.

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