Beaches & climate

Algarve beaches 1The Algarve enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world with its moderate and kind weather influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and its proximity to North Africa.
With an annual average of 3000 sunshine hours and over 300 days of sun a year, the Algarve is one of Europe’s sunniest places.
During the spring and autumn months from March to October the temperatures in Algarve average a pleasant 18°C to 19°C and this is accompanied with plenty of sunshine.
The winter from November to February remains moderate and mild with bright sunny days and the temperature during this period stands around 15°C.


praia de VliamouraSummer

In Algarve summer begins in June and lasts till September. The season is full of sunshine and heat.

The average high temperature remains pleasant and stands at mid 20s, which climbs gradually and stays at 28ºC and in July and August, however in the peak months daytime tempretures can rocket up into the mid 30s. Night time temperature rarely go below 20.

Again in September temperature gets back down to 26ºC. Throughout the season, receives more than ten hours sunshine each day. However, cooling sea breezes help to take the edge off the heat as do the moderately low humidity levels all through the summer.







Autumn, which comes for October and November in Algarve, is great time to visit. During autumn the weather of the city remains very warm. The maximum average temperature climbs to 22ºC in October falls to 19ºC in November. However, the night time temperature brings cold with the average low of 13ºC. The sunshine levels fall dramatically during autumn in Algarve.





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Winter that comes in December and continues its journey till February is mild in Algarve with a regular high temperature of 16ºC in December and February. However, the temperature drops a bit in January and stands at 15ºC in January.  Rainfall occurs, but it is infrequent, shorter.dan









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Spring is the best time to visit Algarve. During this season temperatures climbs and sun returns in the skies for some more hours. Spring usually start in March and lasts till late May. Both night time and ocean temperature remains cool.








Algarve Beaches

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There are many beautiful beaches all within approx 15 minutes drive from the villa. The beaches nearby have the “blue flag”, beautiful large sandy beaches with protected dunes, and are amongst the cleanest in Europe. Family orientated beach “Vale do Garrao” with plenty of beach restaurants, and water sports. There area also accessible beaches.




beahes vilamoura


The “Accessible Beaches – Beaches for Everyone” project is an initiative of the National Coordination Committee for the European Year of People with Disabilities (CNCAEPD) to make river and sea beaches accessible to people with reduced mobility and to raise awareness and provide information about the most accessible beaches.



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Accessible beaches comply with access requirements, such as ramps, footpaths and walkways, support facilities (such as bars and first-aid posts), handrails, adapted toilet facilities, parking places and lower bars and counters. The beaches that meet these requirements are awarded the “Accessible Beach” flag and are promoted at an international level.


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With 200 km of Algarve coastline, there are almost too many beaches and coves to count and there are certainly too many Algarve beaches to cover here. However, you can find general information about what the beaches are like in central, western and eastern Algarve.  You can also find out why it is such an honour when Algarve beaches receive the Blue Flag award and read about the ‘Accessible Beaches’ scheme, which makes choosing a suitable so much easier, particularly for disabled people.



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In general though, whatever you are looking for in a beach, you can be assured that the Algarve has a beach perfect for you!

map of beaches louleLoulé Municipality encompasses an extensive coastline, offering about 13.5 km with fine golden sand beaches, long hours of sunshine, a pleasant climate average, sea water temperatures around 22°C and some of the best tourist facilities in the Algarve and the country.



On the coast the main areas that stand out are Vilamoura with its marina and for its quality and sophistication; the luxurious resorts of Vale do Lobo, Dunas Douradas and Quinta do Lago; thirteen excellent golf courses, as well as vast natural areas of pine woods, marshes and dunes, all included in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, where nature hikes and bird watching are widely practised.

praia do Almargem


The beach areas of Vilamoura, Quarteira, Forte Novo, Almargem, Loulé Velho, Vale do Lobo, Garrão-West, Garrão-East, Ancão and Quinta do Lago warrant the Blue Flag distinction coveted award of environmental quality and safety. Therefore the entire coastal region offers excellent conditions for bathing and leisure.



There is a wide range of beach restaurants and bars to chose from and a great way to end the day dining at the beach watching beautiful sunsets the Algarve has to offer.